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Areas Of Practice

The Law Offices of Price Ainsworth, P.C. 

handle civil cases involving catastrophic injury and substantial damages, business disputes and patent infringement cases. By limiting the number of cases they take, the firm can assure you that your case will receive all the individual attention that it requires and that your attorney will have the specific expertise necessary to handle your case effectively.

The firm's practice remains very diverse, finding success with many different types of civil cases. The firm's caseload deals with every type of physical injury that can be imagined, from broken bones and loss of limbs to severe burns, brain injury, paralysis, and wrongful death. The firm also handles business disputes and patent infringement cases. If you have been injured through someone else's negligence or a taking of your intellectual property, The Law Offices of Price Ainsworth, P.C. will strive to help you.
Some of the practice areas that the firm focuses on Include:

Personal Injury
    Including, but not limited to:    
            Car wrecks
            Truck wrecks
            Motorcycle wrecks
            Bicycle wrecks
            Auto - Pedestrian accidents
            Wrongful Death
            Brain Injuries
            Burn Injuries

Product Liability

• Motor Vehicle Accidents 
            18-wheeler wrecks

General Negligence


• Intellectual Property


Personal Injury

You've been injured through no fault of your own. Someone was careless and an accident happened. You may have even been the victim of an intentional act that left you injured. These situations are handled as personal injury cases. 


When you are injured, you endure physical pain and mental suffering. You may lose time at work or even lose your job. You may have unpaid medical expenses. You may be unable to engage in activities that you previously enjoyed doing. Your family may have to make do without your livelihood or your companionship. You may be disfigured as well as physically or mentally impaired. You may have some personal property that has also been damaged at the same time your injury occurred. The law recognizes that you can receive compensation for any or all of these damages.


Of course, money alone does not make up for what you have been through and what you may be unable to do in the future. However, compensation can go a long way to providing the type of care that you may need or helping you find a new job or other activity that you can do after your injury.  Such funds also provide an incentive to the party that caused the injury to avoid future occurrences. It is only fair that the person or business that caused the injury also pay you for what you have suffered and take the necessary steps to see that something similar does not occur in the future. That's where the Law Offices of Price Ainsworth, P.C.  steps in to help.


Price Ainsworth is a highly experienced, dedicated attorney with a staff who is passionate about helping its' clients find justice for their injuries. Price Ainsworth is board certified in personal injury trial law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, a recognition enjoyed by only a percentage of those practicing in this field. He has been in practice for over 25 years. His paralegal, Tammie Marrs, is also board certified in personal injury trial law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.  She has been working in the personal injury field for over 15 years.  From their office in Austin, Texas, they have helped hundreds of people just like you throughout the state of Texas. They can help you too.


Product Liability

When you use a product, from a tire to an automobile, from a medication to an implantable device, or from a consumer item a device or to be used at home or a tool to be used on the job, you trust that the manufacturer of that product has made sure that it is reasonably safe for you to use in a normal way. Some products are defective, however, and they can cause very serious injuries and even death. Products can be defective because of the manner in which they were manufactured, designed, or marketed. The news has been filled with stories of SUVs that roll over too easily, cars in which gas tanks rupture with very little impact, and tires that delaminate while you are driving. But product liability can also occur when a portable oxygen tank becomes an incendiary bomb, a riding lawnmower fails to disengage the blade when put into reverse and is backed over child, or when an implanted medical prosthesis create a condition far worse than the condition they were designed to alleviate.


The attorneys at the Law Offices of Price Ainsworth, P.C.  have extensive experience handling all sorts of products liability cases, including Yaz. The firm has extensive experience working with engineers from a variety of disciplines (electrical, mechanical, construction, biomedical, automotive, quality control, safety petroleum, metallurgical, etc.). The firm is committed to thoroughly investigating your case to allow them to prepare fully to take your case to trial. Such trials typically involve the use of example products, exploration of safer design alternatives, and computer-generated recreations of the event giving rise to the injury of death. If any settlement offers are proposed, they will share them with you and help you evaluate whether the offer is suitable. The firm takes more cases to trial than most other attorneys, so you will never be pressured into taking a settlement offer that you don't find to be sufficient.


Motor Vehicle Accidents

A large portion of Texas Is still devoted to wide-open spaces, where you can literally drive for miles before seeing another vehicle. But everyone agrees that the urban areas of Texas, such as Dallas, Houston, El Paso, Austin, and San Antonio are becoming more crowded all the time and that the number of motor vehicles sharing the roads is enormous. Motor vehicle accidents are becoming frighteningly common as a result.

The different types of vehicles that are all expected to share the same roads are astounding. Cars, mini-vans, SUVs, pick-up trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, scooters, delivery vans, cargo trucks, 18-wheel semi trucks - despite the big difference in size and weight, they are all on the road together at the same time. It's almost more amazing that most people arrive at their destinations safely.

When you don't arrive at your destination safely due to a motor vehicle accident, however, the Law Offices of Price Ainsworth, P.C.  can help. You will have physical pain and mental suffering from your injuries, possibly missing work or losing your job altogether, damage to your vehicle, medical expenses, physical or mental impairment and other types of damages for which you deserve compensation. In the worst accidents, you may lose a loved one. You also deserve compensation for that loss. You aren't asking for a free handout; rather, you just want to be compensated for what you've been through and returned as close as possible to your original condition.

The firm has handled hundreds of motor vehicle accident and wrongful death cases just like yours. The attorneys have experience you can trust and the compassion that you need. Your case will be thoroughly investigated and prepared for trial. Cases involving 18-wheelers typically require expert accident reconstructionists, computer-generated re-creation of the event, and the testimony of engineers and truck operators, but even a simple two-car accident may result in taking the depositions of witnesses, physicians, and the investigating officer. Any settlement offers that come in will be discussed with you and evaluated. If those offers are found to be unacceptable, the firm will aggressively pursue your cause of action at trial. While there are no guarantees of winning any case, you will know that the firm has done everything possible to get the best achievable result for you.

Contact the firm to discuss your case and have your questions answered. Let the dedication and expertise of the firm's attorneys work for you.



General Negligence

Some accidents happen as a result of a failure to exercise ordinary care. Premises liability, inadequate security, improper maintenance, and dangerous structural design are examples of general negligence cases.


The one thing in common with all of these cases is that nobody meant for anyone to get hurt. The owners or operators were all just careless - negligent - and that negligence resulted in serious injuries.


An injury or death caused by negligence is still cause for the victim and his or her family to receive compensation for their losses. Negligence is nothing more than a failure to use appropriate care.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured or killed through the negligence of another, the Law Offices of Price Ainsworth wants to help you get what you deserve. The firm handles cases like yours all over the state of Texas from its office in Austin. Don't make the mistake of thinking that just because something was "just an accident," you or your loved one shouldn't be compensated for the injuries or death. You need to find out what can be done to give back what you have lost.


Intellectual Property

Intellectual property (IP) refers to creations of the mind: inventions, literary and artistic works, and symbols names, images and designs used in commerce.  

As Austin has continued to develop as a center for both technological development and artistic endeavors, Mr. Ainsworth has been retained as trial and local counsel, in conjunction with firms from around the country, to prosecute complex patent and copyright cases.                

If your company or law firm is involved in an intellectual property dispute and needs assistance navigating your way through the local court system, we encourage you to retain our firm.  We are ready to share our experience in helping you to conclude successfully what can often be complex, multi-party litiga

Contact the firm to discuss your case. Let the dedication and expertise of the firm's attorneys work for you.


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